Recreational Dance Contract

This contract shall be in effect from the date above until such time as either party gives the other party
thirty (30) days notice.
  1. Any Dancer missing more than five (5) absences between March and May shall not be allowed
to perform in recital.
  1. Any Dancer who misses three (3) consecutive weeks of classes between January and May will
be considered withdrawn and subject to the cancellation fee.
  1. No refunds are issued for tuition, costume or recital fees.
  1. Any Dancer who withdraws between January and May must pay a contract cancellation fee of
One Hundred Fifty dollars ($150).
  1. Should Dance Works be required to obtain legal counsel or incur court costs to enforce any
portion of this contract, the signer of this contract is responsible for and agrees to pay all legal
fees and court costs resulting from the action taken to enforce this contract.
  1. NO REFUNDS will be issued for any costume fees, tuition payments,
registration fees, recital fees, or any other fees paid if the dancer withdraws
or is dismissed from the Competition Dance Program.
  1. Dancer and Parent agree that if legal action is taken, Dancer and Parent shall be bound by
the decision of the court and the court’s decision SHALL NOT BE REVIEWABLE for error
of law or legal reasoning of any kind and said court’s decision may be enforced immediately.
  1. Dancers are NOT permitted to take classes anywhere other than Dance Works during the term
of this contract. Dancers are NOT permitted to participate in any classes, auditions, or
performances at any other studio or under the instruction of any instructor that is not
contracted and approved by Dance Works.
  1. Tuition for all classes is required to be paid NO LATER THAN the 1st of every month. Tuition
will be charged to Parent’s credit card on the 1st of the month. Tuition is non-refundable. Any
tuition not paid by the 1st is subject to late fees. If tuition is not paid the dancer may not
participate in any Dance Works activities or events.
  1. Tuition Fees are attached as Exhibit A. Tuition is subject to change from time to time with
thirty days notice and current Fees are available at any time on the Dance Works website:
  1. A late fee of twenty percent (20%) will be charged on any late tuition or fees.
  2. Any declined Credit Card payments will incur a fee of twenty ($20) dollars.
  3. Parent agrees to keep a working Credit Card on file with Dance Works at all times.
  4. Should a dispute be filed with the credit card company for any reason, regarding any charges made by Dance Works of Rome, a nonrefundable fee of $20 will be charged to the card on file.
  1. All costumes are property of Dance Works.
  2. Costume deposits must be paid in full by the deposit deadline to guarantee a costume will be
order for the dancer.
  1. Costume balances must be paid in full by the costume deadline for the dancer to receive the
  1. All tuition and fees must be paid prior to receiving a costume.
  2. Parents will be notified of costume fee deadlines in advance.
  3. Costume Fees are non-refundable.
  1. Dancers and parents are to behave in a way that is a positive representation of Dance Works.
  2. Dancers and parents are to be respectful of Dance Works instructors and staff at all times.
  3. Arguing by parents and dancers is prohibited at the Dance Works Studio and at all
performances and events.
  1. Negative or degrading comments by dancers or parents, in any form, is prohibited.
  2. Gossiping is prohibited. Gossiping includes, but is not limited to, negative or derogatory
comments regarding instructors, students, and/or Dance Works.
  1. Dancers must actively participate in practices and must not be disruptive during class times.
  2. Actively supporting any direct competitor of Dance Works is prohibited. Direct competitors
are The Dance Centre, Rome Civic Ballet, and Baird Ballet. Actively supporting means, but
is not limited to, encouraging potential or current dancers or parents to attend or become
members of the direct competitor, posting on social media anything that would encourage
potential dancers or current dancers to attend a direct competitor’s program, volunteering for
a direct competitor, working for a direct competitor, or any similar activity.
  1. If a dancer or parent is in violation of any behavior terms for acceptable and appropriate
behavior, he/she will be immediately dismissed from Dance Works and cancellation fees will
apply. No refunds of any fees paid will be given or due.
  1. Dancers must be appropriately dressed to participate in classes.
In consideration of the risk of injury while participating in Recreational Dance Program, and as
consideration for the right to participate in Recreational Dance Program, Dancer and Parent, our
heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, or personal representatives, knowingly and voluntarily enter
into this waiver and release of liability and herby waive any and all rights, claims or causes of action
of any kind whatsoever arising out of Dancer’s or Parent’s participation in the Recreational Dance
Program, and do forever discharge Dance Works, located at 107 Broad Street, Rome, Georgia 30161,
their affiliates, managers, members, agents, attorneys, staff, volunteers, heirs, representatives,
predecessors, successors and assigns, for any physical or psychological injury, including but not limited
to illness, paralysis, death, damages, economical or emotional loss, that may be suffered as a direct
result of my participation in the aforementioned Recreational Dance Program, including traveling to
and from an event related to the Recreational Dance Program.
Dancer and Parent grant to Dance Works, its representatives and employees the right to take
photographs or videos of Dancer and Parent and Dancer’s and Parent’s property in connection with
the Recreational Dance Program. I authorize Dance Works, its assigns and transferees to copyright,
use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.
I agree that Dance Works may use such photographs or videos of the Dancer or Parent with or without
name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration,
advertising, and Web content.
This contract has been entered into at arm’s length, without any duress or coercion, and is to be
interpreted as an agreement between two parties of equal bargaining strength. Both the dancer and
dance parent, and DW of Rome, dba Dance Works of Rome agree that this Agreement is clear and
unambiguous as to its terms, ant that no other evidence will be used or admitted to alter or explain
the terms of this agreement, but that is will be interpreted based on the language in accordance with
the purposes for which it is entered into.
In the event that any provision contained within this agreement shall be deemed to be severable or
invalid, or if any term, condition, phrase or portion of this agreement shall be determined to be
unlawful or otherwise unenforceable, the remainder of this agreement shall remain in full force and
effect, so long as the clause severed does not affect the intent of the parties. If a court should find that
any provision of this agreement to be invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting said provision it
would become enforceable, then said provision shall be deemed to be written, construed, and enforced
as so limited.
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